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Customizable & AI-driven 

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Meet the AI creating a safe space for psychedelic integration and music therapy in the context of sexual fantasy exploration

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower everyone to achieve a deeper sense of connection and fulfillment from their sexual experiences, in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Our solution uses AI to enhance the sexual wellness of all individuals, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.


We believe that sexual wellness is an essential aspect of overall well-being and that everyone deserves to experience pleasure and intimacy without shame or judgment.

At Intiem, we strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals and couples to explore their sexual desires and fantasies while integrating cannabis and psychedelics-assisted music therapy.


Our AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ are dedicated to providing personalized and confidential support to help individuals overcome sexual challenges, recover from trauma, or simply maximize euphoric sexual pleasure. 

  • WHERE? Can you explain the advantage of Virtual Reality?
    Virtual Reality (VR) provides a safe and private platform for sexual education and fantasy exploration. Virtual sexual wellness therapists™ offer guidance and support in this area, including exploring the potential benefits of low doses of cannabis and psychedelics. This type of therapy can be highly effective but is rarely offered due to the risk of sexual exploitation. By using AI-driven VR, people can explore these therapies without the risk of sexual attraction to their therapist. This safe delivery platform can help people who have privacy concerns and want to explore cannabis, psychedelics, and sexual wellness.
  • WHO? Can an AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ offer a safe and private alternative to conventional human therapists or sexual wellness educators?
    Virtual sexual wellness therapists™ offer a safe and private environment for sexual education and fantasy exploration. They act as a guide to the platform, incorporating haptic sex toys, biometric sensors, and music therapy, and help users integrate their experiences. AI technology allows them to appear as a variety of people while maintaining consistent programming. The visual, audio, and genital stimulation is synchronized and responds to real-time biometric and neuroimaging data, providing an immersive and intensely pleasurable experience that may surpass human sex.
  • WHY? What is the role of AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ in sexual education and wellness?
    AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ offer new technological opportunities for sexual education and fantasy exploration for adults of all genders and sexual orientations. They provide polyrhythmic music therapy to enhance the sexual rhythmic entrainment experience. Additionally, they are customizable to facilitate novel sexual experiences and conversations that promote inner listening, self-awareness, and enhanced enteroception. These therapists can help individuals overcome sexual challenges, recover from sexual trauma, and maximize their sexual pleasure.
  • WHAT? Please describe how they can discover what works best for me?
    AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ offer sexual education and fantasy exploration that can be accessed by anyone wishing to enhance their sexual wellness, overcome sexual challenges, or maximize their sexual pleasure. They are drug-agnostic but specialize in cannabis and psychedelic-assisted therapy, which has been shown to have a low risk of toxicity and a high probability of positive results. These therapists use a deep-learning neural network to systematically explore various products and doses, analyzing how each individual responds to provide insights on how to best use cannabis and psychedelics. They also use patent-pending biofeedback-responsive musical polyrhythms and synchronized genital stimulation to offer intense sensory absorption and trance. Through neuroimaging and biometric feedback, they adapt to each user and determine what works best for them.
  • WHEN? How can I get early access to the beta-test version?
    We anticipate the platform will be ready for global distribution by 2025. Prior to that, we will release beta-test versions of various technological components. Everyone is welcome to fill out the Contact form below and request to be notified when beta-testing opportunities become available.


At Intiem, we believe the future of sexual wellness technology is multidisciplinary, resting on four main pillars.

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Cannabis and Psychedelics. Both naturally occurring options as well as next-generation formulations 
A safe space for psychedelic integration and music therapy in the context of sexual fantasy exploration.
Next-generation sex toys that provide polyrhythmic stimulation synchronized to user biofeedback via real-time neuroimaging data.   
A deep learning neural network that is able to analyze and optimize sexual experiences, utilizing chemistry, neuroimaging, and VR. 


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